Beauty RevolutionREVOLUTION

Beauty Revolution Started by Bioprogramming

The ceramics in the Repronizer and HairBeauron are programmed with a “field” which calculates the physical theory of space-time. Lumielina is currently the only company in the world that can develop this kind of ceramics.

1. The Basic Technology of the Dryer

In order to speed up the hair-drying process, blow dryer manufacturers must either increase the power or raise the temperature of the wind coming out of the device. However, with increased wind power comes dryness and damage, in addition to dullness and coarse texture of hair. Furthermore, hot air causes damage to hair, such that temperatures over 302 °F will cause denaturation of hair proteins. Because blow dryers which attempt to increase the wind power and speed end up causing damage to hair, it becomes necessary to reduce the temperature of the wind coming out of the dryer’s nozzle.

2. When Using Bioprogramming Devices

Bioprogramming technology is programmed into the Repronizer, so even though the two environments of wind and heat, which typically damage hair are there, the more you use the device hair becomes shiny and full of moisture. And even though the wind power is strong and hot, rather than making hair more dry, hair becomes soft, shiny and well-dried, which is a totally different experience compared to conventional blow dryers. You can see what the Repronizer 3D Plus can do in this video.

Our technology is fundamentally different from any other technology ever invented. The methodology behind developing Bioprogramming technology is completely different from that of other beauty tool manufacturers.

You can see the amazing results of this technological development in the following video about the HairBeauron 4D Plus.

3. The Beauty Revolution has Begun

It is HairTimecess shampoo and treatment, and hair color, as well as SkinTimecess skin cream and essences which designed a “place” for programming technology of chemical substances and plant extracts.

Up until now, people who have wanted to enjoy coloring their hair, there was the problem of the chemical components in hair coloring that ended up damaging hair. However the era has changed, and with ColorTimecess one can color their hair as many times as they want, even everyday.

For those who seek beauty, and have used the myriad of products that have been developed up until now, hair has become damaged, which was a major concern at many hair salons, but because of Bioprogramming technology, a new era has dawned where beauty technology can be implemented many times and hair is not damaged. This is the “Beauty Revolution” enacted by Bioprogramming.